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that the government couldn't set a 40-hour workweek because the contract with the company was sack row -- row -- sacro-sanct. and the government said we're paying to take care of his widow and orphans at the time so yeah, we do have a say in it. >> that sounds reasonable. >> hal: and lockner is an embarrassment. and rand paul says that obama should take another look at the lockner case. >> do you think that was in his notes? >> i don't know. >> hal: but they are afraid they are going to speak the truth. sarah palin made fun of the president using a teleprompter and her joke was read from a teleprompter. they have to use a teleprompter because if they speak off of the cuff they will sound like an id -- idiot or speak the truth. like when douglas wrote to his former slave master and said i forgive you, and this guy said for what? for providing foods and shelter. look at rick santorum who almost said the n-word. >> was it the n word or blaaaa -- >> no he bailed out mid-word. >> oh okay. >> hal: but we have to take a break, we'll come back. we'll get to more of your calls. >> let's
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1